SEE IT: Hail storm turns Stockton streets into ice-filled rivers


A surprise hail storm in Stockton over the weekend caught a lot of residents by surprise, turning streets into rivers filled with ice. 

Stockton native Debbie Hernandez tweeted video Sunday just before 3 p.m. near Gettysburg Place south of W. Lincoln Road behind the Lincoln Center in north Stockton. 

“I was born and raised in Stockton, and in all my 31 years of living, I’ve never seen so much hail in Stockton before ever! Or a storm like this ever! Amazing experience indeed!” Hernandez tweeted. 

She added that “Of course many streets were flooded, was difficult to drive through, but other than that, we’re ok.”

Others in the area took to social media to share their snapshots of hail taking over parts of the city. 

According to the National Weather Service Sacramento, a thunderstorm that moved through the Stockton area is responsible for dropping all the hail.

Thanks to the heavy rain, Stockton set a new daily rain record on Sunday, the National Weather Service said.

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