Sen. Dianne Feinstein minced no words when asked to comment on the fast-moving developments surrounding the mail bomb terror threats directed at critics of the Trump administration.

Feinstein made the remarks as she stumped for votes among farm workers in Watsonville.

“There is a proverb or line in the Bible that says you reap what you sow,” Feinstein said.

On the campaign trail in Watsonville, Feinstein pulled no punches when asked about the terror plot directed at critics of the Trump administration.

“All these rallies where they say lock her up and she hasn’t been a candidate for a long time, why, why do that? To create hatred and then hatred drives people to do things like this,” Feinstein said.

Feinstein made the remarks as she stumped for votes at the Monterey mushroom plant near Watsonville. Addressing a critical shortage of farm labor, Feinstein is pushing an immigration bill that would apply to people who have worked at least 100 hours over the past two years and who have not been arrested.

“The blue card would allow you to work in agriculture for five years after which you would receive a green card and a path to citizenship,” Feinstein said.

Asked about her own security in the wake of the latest threats against Tom Steyer and others, Feinstein recalled a bomb found at her house many years ago saying, “Been there. Done that.”

She also mentioned if President Trump should be held accountable for fanning the flames of hatred.

“Whether they are flames of hatred or something else, I don’t know yet, but presidents should bring people together,” Feinstein said. “Presidents should de-emphasize differences and work for the goodness of this nation together and not separate them.”