(KRON) — It’s set to be a big holiday weekend in the Sierra as many ski resorts are opening early this year. KRON4 was in Walnut Creek Thursday talking to people getting ready to head to the mountains.

Ski season has arrived early this year.

Up in the Sierra, over the last couple of weeks, they’ve gotten several feet of snow and many ski resorts, including Northstar, Kirkwood, and Heavenly Plan, on opening up this weekend.

The ski resorts plan on opening up on Nov. 18, which is still four days earlier than they were originally planning. Here in Walnut Creek, sporting goods stores around town, including Sports Basement where they rent and sell skis, say they’ve been very busy over the last couple of days.

One woman says she was here to buy some skis on Thursday and that her family plans on going up to Tahoe for the holidays.

The staff at Sports Basement tells KRON4 they were extremely busy last weekend. They’ve been busy later in the afternoon when people get done with work or kids get out of school.

Sports Basement is expecting a very busy Friday.

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If you plan on renting skis there or pretty much anywhere else, call ahead and make a reservation if you can. Demand is very high right as people get ready to head up to the mountains.