LAKE TAHOE, Calif (KRON) — A storm brought Lake Tahoe over a foot of snow in the last 24 hours. Many people from the Bay Area drove up to take advantage of the fresh powder.

I went up to Palisades Tahoe to check out the conditions.

I’m all strapped in, we are about to head to our first lift of the day. With 10 inches of snow overnight and more snow hitting right now, it’s going to be a good time.

We were immediately stuck in a long line on our first lift at Palisades Tahoe. But that didn’t seem to bother Wesley Newhouse who drove up to ski from San Francisco.

“Trying to have a positive mental attitude… try not to think of it too much,” Newhouse said.

Newhouse says this is the busiest ski season he’s ever seen.

“I’ve been skiing in Tahoe for 15 years, and I’ve never seen this crazy of a season,” he said.

Parking lots were filling up at Palisades and Alpine before 9:30 in the morning this weekend. You could see long lines of cars full of people heading in.

“We wanted to go to Alpine. We couldn’t; the parking lot was full. Then, we got one of the last spots here, Newhouse said.”

Everyone wants to experience record levels of snowfall.

“Last night, we got 10 inches of snow, which is bringing our season snowfall total to 380 inches,” said Maddy Condon Palisades, Tahoe PR Coordinator. “Which is a ton. We also had thunder last night and 150 mph winds.”

The inclement weather closed a lot of the lifts at the beginning of the Ski Day Sunday, so the open lifts had long lines.

We waited in line for 20-30 minutes — all good. It’s gusty when you get to the top and the visibility — not great.

But it was all worth it because we got a ton of really fun runs in. I haven’t snowboarded in powder in so long that it’s hard.

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“I missed snow so much. I’m really enjoying today,” said Ezgi Kirli who is a skier from Sunnyvale.

Her family drove up from Sunnyvale and enjoyed the fresh powder too.

“The snow is so good,” Kirli said. “We haven’t seen this in so long. Maybe in 2017, but it’s amazing.”