SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) — Several state parks and beaches will be closed to vehicle traffic this weekend in an effort to encourage Californians to stay home and socially distance.

California state parks Friday put the locks on about a third of its parking lots and access roads to keep cars away.

“Our goal is to make sure we’re able to practice social and physical distance of six feet or more,” Adeline Yee said. “What we saw last weekend was people coming out to our state parks and beaches were not practicing those recommendations.”

98 of the state’s 280 parks and beaches are shut down to vehicle traffic, a list park officials say is constantly changing and could continue to grow.

State parks officials say they understand the need to balance the stay at home order with exercise. They’re hoping to encourage Californians to do it closer to their homes.

Trails and non-campground areas are still open.

“We recommend you walk or bike to the park as well,” Yee said. “When you are out there, you still have to maintain that social distance of six feet.”

If guidelines aren’t followed and parks are still filled with people. More closures could be coming.

“Our state parks peace officers will be patrolling state park units to make sure people are practicing these recommendations,” Yee said. “If these safety measures are not enough to keep the public safe, we may have to take additional measures which could include closing trails, bathrooms and other amenities.”

State parks officials say these closures are until further notice.

The full list of parks affected by these closures can be found here.

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