(KTXL) — An April 1 vehicle burglary in Stockton has been connected to a series of robberies in San Joaquin County and the Bay Area involving at least 140 victims, according to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office.

A vehicle burglary in the Lincoln Center parking lot on April 1 led the sheriff’s office Special Services Division to identify DeShawn Leandrei Allen, a gang member from Richmond, as the main suspect.

When Allen’s residence was searched under warrant, evidence was found that showed communication between Allen and Urias Joram Hernandez Ochoa, owner of Oromax Pawn Shop in Richmond.

“The communication between Allen and Hernandez Ochoa included photographs of items Allen had stolen, with the intention of selling them to the pawn shop,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a news release.

Deputies arrested Allen, who is now facing charges for burglary, grand theft, possession of burglary tools, vandalism and receiving stolen property.

A search warrant was later served at the Oromax Pawn Shop where a “significant amount” of stolen items were found including; cellular devices, laptops and cameras.

Hernandez Ochoa was arrested but was later released on bond.

As of May 26, the sheriff’s office have identified over 140 victims who did not sell their property to the Oromax Pawn Shop. Some victims have been located as far as Brooklyn, New York.

“We believe there may be additional victims we have not contacted or know about as of the
publishing of this news release,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “Some of the items recovered do not have serial numbers or have been cleaned of any form of traceable identification.”