(FOX40.COM) — More Tesla police vehicles will be hitting the streets of California as the Auburn City Council approved the purchase of a Model Y for the Auburn Police Department.

During their meeting on Sept. 11, the police department requested to reallocate funds slated for the purchase of a Chevrolet Tahoe to go toward a Tesla Model 3.

The Tahoe was budgeted to cost $55,026.52 and the Model 3 is expected to cost $53,352.05 along with a $475 installation cost for a Tesla Wall Charger, according to the police department’s staff report.

A lack of police vehicles available for purchase led the police department to transition to purchasing the Tesla sedan, according to the police department.

The police department said that over the last four months, they have been able to secure three of the four vehicles they originally intended to purchase.

The continued addition of electric vehicles into the city’s fleet to meet state mandates was mentioned as a benefit to the purchase of the Tesla.

“This represents an opportunity for the Auburn Police Department to evaluate the reasonableness of implementing additional EV’s into its fleet,” the department wrote in their staff report.

During the city council meeting, Mayor Alice Dowdin Calvillo pointed out the fact that the Model 3 and Tahoe are two very different vehicles, besides their power source, and asked for clarification of its intended use.

“It is initially going to be used as a command vehicle, meaning that the lieutenants will use this car and then probably in the future the Tesla will move in that same way,” Auburn Police Chief Ryan Kinnan said during the meeting.

Auburn is not the first Sacramento area city to add Tesla vehicles to their police department as the City of Folsom approved the purchase of a Model 3 and a Model Y for the Folsom Police Department in August.