SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Wordfinder by YourDictionary looked at web data to determine how slang in California compares to words used in other states.

The results may surprise you.

According to the data, the Golden State is the only one where people use the word “buttercup” more than any other as a pet name for their significant other.

Other popular terms included “babe” (the most popular, leading 12 states), “gorgeous,” “Big Daddy,” “babydoll,” “precious,” “sweet pea,” “homeboy,” “hermoso,” “main squeeze,” “papi chulo,” “queen bee,” “sweetie pie,” “sweetcheeks,” “shorty,” and “gem.”

In the realm of work, Californians are more likely to use “let go” as a euphemism for being fired than alternatives “canned” and “sacked.” “Let go” was the most used nationwide, leading 41 states.

YourDictionary also looked at the most passive-aggressive work phrases nationwide, and found the top five were:

  1. “Please advise”
  2. “Noted”
  3. “Friendly reminder”
  4. “Will do”
  5. “Thanks in advance”

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When it comes to drinking, Californians were most likely to use “plowed” as a euphemism for drunkenness. Alternatives included “loaded” (the most popular, leading 30 states), “tipsy,” “buzzed,” “blasted,” “blotto,” “blitzed,” “smashed,” and “plastered.”

YourDictionary looked at data from Google Adwords and Ahrefs, which provides search engine optimization tools, to come to its conclusions on the most used slang terms in these categories.