Thief steals package right in front of Northern California trick-or-treaters


A Sacramento-area man thought he just had trick-or-treaters at his door Halloween night, but it turns out there was also a thief.

What she did even stunned the children.

It happened in less than 30 seconds. Trick-or-treaters rang the doorbell, but one of them wasn’t after the candy.

“I’m just like what!?” homeowner David Moorman said.

Moorman was at a friend’s house when his front porch camera detected activity at his house in Carmichael.

“So, when my ring went off on my phone, I was like ‘Oh, there’s someone at the door!’ And when I looked at the screen, I was like, ‘Wow, we have a trick-or-treater this year.'”

But his excitement quickly turned to exasperation.

“And while the kids were trying to find the doorbell, she grabbed it and then she just left and left the kids behind her!” Moorman said.

Moorman’s Amazon delivery was stolen.

In the video, you can hear the children stunned to see the woman pick up the package and flee.

“And they were absolutely correct. What was she doing?” Moorman said. “And yes, there was a camera! It’s really sad! It’s sad that someone feels that they can just take something that’s not theirs.”

Moorman says he’s not pressing charges for the $15 car charger in his package but hopes the woman in this video won’t make this a bad holiday.

“I really just want to teach her lesson so that way she can raise her kids better, and they can make better decisions than what she made,” Moorman said.

Sacramento County deputies say, sadly, porch pirates are not unusual.

But it is not typical to involve children.



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