MODESTO (CNN) – Plans for a Straight Pride Parade take a major step forward in Modesto.

The city is now considering giving organizers a permit for that event.

A flyer circulating on social media advertises Stanislaus County will host the straight pride event in Modesto’s Graceada Park Aug. 24.

The permit hangs in the balance.

 “I don’t think we need to give a permit for anything that when you go to the page it talks about whiteness it talks about western civilization it talks about being Caucasian,” said Kristi Ah You.

The man behind it is Don Grundmann of the National Straight Pride Coalition.

He says the parade event is his group’s cultural answer to their opponents.

“Essentially it boils down to two religious views of the world one is Christianity which is represented by heterosexuality a culture of life and its opponent is the LGBT movement which is represented by an opposing religion and an opposing view of life,” said Grundmann.

In Modesto, views were mixed.

Some may consider Grundmann’s voice and views extreme.

Ah You is all for free speech and First Amendment rights, but in Modesto she hopes the flyer won’t generate attention.

“I think if we ignored it and let the people do whatever they’re going to do, I think maybe 4 or 5 people would show up,” she said.