(KRON) — Normally, the Truckee River Rafting Company starts welcoming visitors on Memorial Day, but not this year. River rafting on a section of the river might be shut down for the entire summer season.

Despite a historic wet winter, the 5-mile stretch of weaving water from Tahoe City to River Ranch Road is currently at low levels. “It is a complicated system. Because of the snowpack, the water master can’t release water from Tahoe because it can lead to flooding downstream,” said Sydney Courcier, Truckee River Rafting Company manager.

She said the rafting season should be in full swing by now, operating about 100 to 200 rafts a day. “We are really sad about it all, but we are happy about the amount of water, and it is good for everything,” said Courcier. 

She said they typically hire 70 workers for the season that runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. “They are high school and college kids, so it is kind of a bummer for them. It’s a great first job,” said Courcier.

The company has talked about venturing out to cope with the closure. “We thought about running e-bikes, but we are a rafting company,” said Courcier.

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She said it is possible the risk of flooding downstream may taper off, allowing the release of Lake Tahoe water into the river which could give them a chance to open back up. “We could be back in business in August. We will just have to see,” said Courcier.