Trump calls California high speed rail project a ‘disaster’


President Trump called California’s high speed rail project a disaster Friday while speaking before The National Association of Realtors.

He also slammed the state for over regulating and not cleaning up forests. 

“To see the disastrous results of over regulation, take a look at what’s going on in California,” President Trump said. Housing costs are among the highest in the county, development restrictions make it sometimes impossible to build…years and years of turmoil.” 

Trump continued to discuss the state’s high-speed rail project, calling it a “disaster.” 

“And it’s no surprise that in California, and I don’t want to single them out, but they have a train going up…have you heard about this disaster? …We’re not paying anymore money for it, California has lost control.”

On Thursday, the Trump administration said they are cancelling nearly $1 billion in federal money for project, putting the train in jeopardy. 

President Trump also bought up the state’s deadly and destructive wildfires. 

“Clean up your forests, you won’t have forest fires,” Trump said. “[Governor Newsom] blames it on global warming. No, try cleaning the floors of your forests a little bit.” 

Watch the full video of President Trump’s comments on California in the video below: 

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