Twin babies delivered in separate locations in Southern California


Twins typically come into the world together but for two babies in Southern California, a very quick labor meant these siblings had very unique birthing experiences.

“Here’s baby. The one I delivered. So happy they’re healthy,” Samir Rai said.

New father, Samir Rai, is still reeling from the big surprise Thursday morning when he jumped in and played doctor after his wife Jasmin went into labor in their Tustin home.

“My wife was yelling and screaming saying I’m having the baby! I’m like ok we’ll go to the hospital right now, she’s like no I’m having it right now!” Rai said.

Dad guided the baby out but knew right away he needed help because his wife, who was 37 weeks along, was pregnant with twins.

That stunning news came just two weeks ago.

The Rai’s were shocked, believing they were only having one baby. Back at home, as the delivery was playing out, a neighbor called 911.

The Orange County Fire Authority rushed to the house to pick up Jasmin Rai, still in labor with baby number two.

It couldn’t wait either, and came out feet first in the ambulance, risky in the best of circumstances.

“It was a life-threatening emergency for the baby. They were able to create an airway for the baby until the mother could push the baby completely out for the children. So our paramedics did a wonderful job today. They actually probably saved this child’s life,” Captain Tony Bommarito said.

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