FOLSOM, California (AP) — Two inmates killed another convict Thursday at the high-security California State Prison, Sacramento, according to prison officials.

Correctional officers said they saw Anthony Rodriguez and Cody Taylor attack Luis Giovanny Aguilar in the day room of the restricted housing unit.

They broke up the attack by firing foam baton rounds and found one inmate-manufactured weapon at the scene. Aguilar was pronounced dead a half-hour after the assault.

The victim was serving a four-year sentence from Los Angeles County for vehicle theft and attempting to evade a police officer while driving recklessly as a repeat offender.

Rodriguez is similarly serving a four-year term from Los Angeles County for the latest in a series of vehicle thefts and drug possession convictions dating to 2000. He also is serving a three-year sentence from Sacramento County for possessing a deadly weapon and assault by a prisoner with a deadly weapon.

Taylor started out in 2013 serving a six-year sentence from Ventura County for robbery. But he added four-year and 15-year sentences from Kern County in 2014 for attempted second-degree murder and two instances of possessing a deadly weapon by a repeat offender.

The prison houses about 2,100 inmates east of Sacramento.