SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Academic researchers and postdoctoral scholars at the University of California announced a tentative agreement was reached, according to a press release from the United Auto Workers Local No. 5810.

“We are proud to have reached agreements that address the soaring cost of living, and reflect the value of our contributions at UC,” Neal Sweeney, president of the union local that represents academic researchers and postdoctoral scholars, stated in the press release. “These agreements represent a new, best-in-class model that will improve quality of life – and the quality of research – for scientists across the US. It is now time for UC to make serious proposals to Academic Student Employees and Student Researchers and to reach fair agreements that recognize the contributions these workers make.”

The researchers and postdocs will remain on strike in sympathy with academic student employees and student researchers while the membership votes on whether or not to ratify the agreements, the press release stated. The UC has not responded to the student researchers’ latest compensation proposal to the university system 12 days ago.

Details on that ratification process will be announced soon, the press release stated.

“We expect they will start making substantial offers to Academic Student Employees and Student Researchers,” it continued.

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Most postdocs will receive a 20-23% salary increase by Oct. 2023, and over the course of the next five years even the lowest-paid postdoc will receive a 57% salary increase. Paid parental and family leave will increase from four weeks to eight, childcare subsidies will rise from $2,500 (minimum annually) to $2,800.

Academic researchers will receive a 29% salary increase, on average, and eight weeks of parental and family leave, paid at 100% of cost (up from 70%).