Video: House cat fights off 3 coyotes outside Southern California home


HIGHLAND PARK, CA (CNN NEWSOURCE) – A house cat in Southern California really proved himself when he faced off with three coyotes outside his home and it was all caught on a security camera.

Is he cute? Is he cuddly? Without a doubt.

But make no mistake, this is the face of a warrior.

“My husband and I were watching a movie right here and all of a sudden we see this kind of shadow of a tail,” Maya Gurrin said.

Max, the Highland Park housecat, earned his keep and his catnip Wednesday night when he came face to face with a trio of vicious coyotes.

“So we walk outside and all of a sudden we see just three coyotes completely surrounding him,” Gurrin said.

Maya Gurrin, a self-described cat lady, was shocked to see her little fur baby inches away from becoming dinner.

She scared the coyotes off but it wasn’t until she checked her security camera footage and saw this that she realized the epic battle that took place right in her backyard.

“I couldn’t believe it. We really couldn’t believe it. We’re still shocked. It was two days ago and we still are still shocked,” Gurrin said.

The odds were stacked against him, three large coyotes circling in on our little feline hero but Max wasn’t going down without a fight.

“He’s always been crazy like if this were to happen with any cat it would be him,” Gurrin said.

So how has life changed since his heavyweight title?

Well, Max’s days as an outdoor cat are over.

“You don’t see videos like that you see them getting eaten, and it just been so different and we’re really lucky,” Gurrin said.

But he still looks out longingly at his former domain, perhaps mulling over his time as the big cat on the block.

If you wanted to hire a bodyguard, maybe consider Max.

“Oh yeah, let’s start at like $25 dollars an hour to hire him out,” Gurrin said.

Gurrin says she is considering building a catio that would allow Max to still be outdoors but protected from predators.

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