Little girl and ‘fairy’ form special bond during pandemic


LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Sparkly dice, an imaginative child and a selfless woman with elf ears all came together to create a magic bond while the world is in distress. And it all happened in a California neighborhood.

Kelley Kenney was walking in Palms when she came across a little garden full of trinkets.

A note tacked to the tree trunk read:

“Our 4-year-old made this to brighten your day. Please add to the magic, but don’t take away. These days can be hard but we’re in this together. So enjoy our fairy garden and some nice weather.”

“It spoke to a part of me that’s still child-like,” Kenney told KTLA. And she had the idea to leave a gift and a note for the girl who she would later learn is named Eliana.

“I knew that she was probably really lonely not being able to go to the park and see friends,” she said.

Kenney signed the note as Sapphire the fairy, and a months-long penpal relationship formed. Of course, she also made sure to leave a note for Eliana’s parents to make sure they knew the child was safe.

Kenney and Eliana’s parents agreed to bring Sapphire to life before the family moved away. They all took COVID-19 tests and masked up so Eliana could meet her magical friend.

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