WASHINGTON, D.C. (KRON) — One of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country took effect Wednesday in Texas after the U.S. Supreme Court didn’t take action to temporarily stop the ban.

Local leaders and other public figures wasted no time expressing their opinions on the ban.

In a statement shared on Wednesday, Governor Gavin Newsom said he will continue to make sure women in California have access to abortion services.

“I am outraged that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed Texas’ b an on most abortions to take effect. Silently, in the dead of night, the Supreme Court has eviscerated the fundamental protection of a woman’s right to choose that Roe v. Wade has protected for the last 50 years. In California, we will ensure that women continue to have access to critical health care services, including abortion, and California will continue to lead the nation in expanding access to reproductive and sexual health care. And I will continue to appoint judges and justices who will faithfully follow the Constitution and precedent to uphold people’s rights, unlike this disappointing inaction from the high court.”

California Attorney General Rob Bonta called the ban “extreme”.

“The Texas abortion ban is big government overreach at its worst,” Bonta wrote. “Your healthcare is YOUR business! Politicians have no place in a pregnant person’s most personal healthcare decisions.”

Bonta echoed Newsom and said California will continue to expand access to healthcare and defend reproductive rights in court.

Sen. Scott Wiener, who represents San Francisco and other Bay Area cities, compared the ban to a Handmaid’s Tale.

“This is devastating. Forcing women to carry pregnancies to term is straight up Handmaid’s Tale,” Sen. Wiener wrote. “Elections matter. They truly do.”

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris also expressed their concerns with the ban.

Harris stated the law violates the constitution and will disproportionately affect communities of color.

Roe v. Wade, decided in 1973, was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court ruled that the Constitution protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without government restriction.

President Biden said his administration is committed to the constitutional right established in Roe v. Wade and will “protect and defend that right”.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised a fight for women’s health and freedoms.

“Every woman, everywhere has the constitutional and moral right to basic reproductive health care,” she wrote. “We will fight SB8 and all immoral and dangerous attacks on women’s health and freedoms with all our strength.”