SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) — Video circulating online shows a white woman being punched several times after using a racial slur towards a Black woman in Sacramento, per TMZ.

The woman was caught on camera repeating the N-word during an altercation with the Black woman.

It’s unclear what started the argument, though the women who appear to be in a convenience store can be heard saying “I said excuse me”.

After taking turns yelling at one another, the Black woman dares the lady — who social media users are now referring to as “Karen” — to call her the N-word one more time and she’d beat her up.

The white woman took up the challenge.

After receiving several punches to the face, the woman was seen on the floor in distress. The white woman appeared to have held onto the Black woman who was asking her to let her go.

After some time went by, the Black woman walked out of the store as the white lady remained on the floor.

No further details have been reported at this time.

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