SAN DIEGO (CNN) — The nation’s top food spot on Yelp isn’t some fancy, Michelin-rated fine dining restaurant.

In fact, it isn’t a restaurant at all.

It’s a food truck in San Diego.

It’s called Shawarma Guys and it specializes in Halal, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

It opened last year and it’s earned a lot of bragging rights since then — getting named the top place to eat in the U.S. on Yelp.

Since opening, Shawarma Guys has garnered around 500 reviews with a five-star rating average on the website.

“Aside from home cooking this is some of the best Middle Eastern food I’ve had in the longest time,” one customer said.

The truck has also earned other accolades, including being named California’s best food truck and being listed as one of San Diego’s best places to dine.