Camp Fire: 48 dead as fire grows to 130,000 acres


Officials say 48 people have now died in the Camp Fire, making it the deadliest fire in state history. 

Six more bodies were found on Tuesday to bring the death toll up to four dozen.

More than 7,600 homes have been destroyed.

The fire has now burned 130,000 acres and is now 35 percent contained. 

This morning we’re learning more about one of the victims who was killed in the fire. 

San Francisco native Ernie Foss moved to Paradise 8 years ago. 

His daughter says he was a cancer survivor who suffered from an illness that kept him bedridden and requiring oxygen. 

Foss was found outside his home and his daughter believes his stepson may have dragged him out of the home. 

Foss’ stepson, Andrew Burt, is also now missing. 

Meanwhile crews in Paradise are working to allow people back into the areas clear of the fire to check on their properties. 

There’s also growing anger over the fire and some people are pointing fingers at PG&E power lines as a possible cause of the Camp Fire. 

Last Thursday when the fire started, PG&E reported that it had thought about shutting off power lines in several communities due to extreme dry weather and the high winds that were predicted. 

But the utility company decided against the shut off in Butte County. 

We’re also learning a woman received an email last week where PG&E informed her that they needed to come on to her property because “they were having problems with sparks relating to transmission lines.”

PG&E has not yet commented on this specific issue related to the fire. 



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