OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — While police had their hands full with the anger and rage unleashed during protests over the death of George Floyd, criminals swooped in and pulled off multiple brazen heists in the Bay Area and beyond.

Surveillance camera video shows the coordinated attack on Nug’s cultivation facility in Oakland Sunday morning, where you can see the thieves pushing out cartloads of pot plants. They also ransacked their inventory. 

The next day, the company’s CEO Dr. John Oram said they fortified the building to try to thwart another attempt. Sure enough, Monday brought more trouble.

“The attacks started to get more sophisticated in one case the burglars stole a U-haul truck from across the street,” Oram said. “They smashed it through our gate and into the side of the building.”

Since that attempt failed, the thieves then tried to get in climbing on the PG&E gas lines outside, several of which broke causing a large scale leak.

“PG&E had to come out in the middle of the night around 3 a.m. and turn off those gas lines certainly the PG&E operators risk their lives to come and do that because they were still robberies happening at that time,” Oram said.

Video shows damage to their San Leandro dispensary where police say crooks engaged security guards in a gun battle. No one was injured, but the burglars got in and smashed the place up. 

Their Sacramento facility was also hit hard.  

“My team and I have spent the last 10 years building a top 10 brand in the largest cannabis industry in the world here in the state of California and we watched it just be destroyed in 48 hours, just absolutely destroyed,” Oram said. “We’re talking about livelihood in jeopardy, we’re talking about hundreds of employees, local Oakland, San Leandro and Sacramento residence that I’ve been employed now for years all of that is in jeopardy.”

Oram says he believes his business will survive, but what it will look like after he picks up the pieces is unclear and since these attacks have happened at many other cannabis businesses he believes the state’s entire marijuana supply chain is disrupted.

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