SAN JOSE (KRON) — Amazing surveillance video captures a crash that neighbors say was the result of street racing.

It happened in the same San Jose neighborhood that is also being plagued by the illegal dumping KRON4 told you about on Wednesday.

As if the chronic illegal dumping isn’t enough, people around Buena Vista Park say drivers are cutting through their neighborhood to avoid traffic and are not only driving too fast for the narrow streets, but some are using Scott and Willard Avenue for drag racing.

Shivali Sharma talked to KRON4 about the night when a Mustang came barreling around the corner at Scott and Willard and slammed into a power pole right outside her home.

The crash was captured by her security camera.

“This is a regular occurrence,” Sharma said. “It’s not the first time this pole has been hit. Several poles down the street have been hit from the racers who lost control. Cars have been hit on this street. Kids have been hit on this street.”

Part of the problem is that drivers are ignoring signs that advise drivers headed north on Leigh Avenue to keep going to San Carlos and not turn onto Scott.

But they do it anyway and when they get to Willard, a long straightaway; they hit the gas.

“This neighborhood at one time used to be quiet. You could be on the street and play, but now, you can’t. You can’t have no kids playing on the street because they go through here like if it’s the freeway,” resident Ralph Herrera said.

“People drag race here down the street. They come from the street over here. Race around the corner, go down” another resident Nancy Sharma said. “Kids are playing here all the time. They do nothing.”

Somehow, the driver of the Mustang was not hurt and could be seen walking away after the crash.

It’s not known if he was caught or cited. Neighbors say a child was hit but not seriously injured in another such incident late last year.

Shivali says next time, they might not be so lucky.

“A child doesn’t know the difference of a car coming fast or not and may run out into the street. They’re going to get hit because we have drivers who are driving way too fast,” Shivali said.

The signs urging people not to cut through the neighborhood suggest police are aware of the problem and they have been seen in the neighborhood working on abandoned vehicle abatement.

Residents here would like to see some speed traps or speed bumps.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: