CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Texas officer beats inmate in jail


GARLAND, Texas (KRON/CNN) — New video of an officer beating a jail inmate in Texas has just been released.

It happened at the Garland Detention Center in Texas, and it shows a police officer removing handcuffs from a suspect arrested for assault and public intoxication.

Then, you see the officer punch the inmate seven times in the head and even knee him in the face.

So, what set the officer off? The 37-year-old suspect Noah Lofquist says he was mouthing off at the officer after he was arrested at a hotel.

And on the way to the jail, Lofquist says he was taunting the officer and even challenged the officer to a fight–if only his handcuffs were off.

When they arrived at the jail, the officer had apparently heard enough and when he removed the cuffs, he went after Lofquist.

“I was sober enough at that point to know not to do anything because I didn’t want my situation to get any worse,” Lofquist said. “I have a lot of respect for the good police, but the bad ones like him, he gives them all a bad name.”

The officer received a 56-day suspension, the longest the department can remember giving any officer.

But Lofquist feels the officer deserved criminal charges.

Lofquist had to get staples for his head, and he had a black eye.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON:


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