CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Tow truck driver narrowly escapes death as car careens off icy road


DETROIT (KRON/CNN) — A Michigan tow truck driver’s quick feet may have saved his life.Fred Kennedy quickly dodged a moving car careening towards his truck.He described that crash that came so close to killing him.“I seen the car losing control,” he said. “Once I seen it I stepped back, and then I had to run.”Michigan State Police say the driver who ended up on top of the tow truck was going too fast for the icy road conditions Wednesday morning.Gerald Marshall was driving the car that slid out of control where a trooper was already handling a crash, narrowly missing the tow truck driver.“I know I was just trying to get control of the car as much I could. And that’s when I noticed I was on top of the tow truck,” Marshall said.

Police cited Marshall for going too fast and not slowing down for an emergency vehicle. However, Marshall claims there was nothing he could do.When asked if he thought he was going too fast, he replied, “No I wasn’t going to fast at all, I was doing less than the speed limit. It was actually black ice and me hitting my brake made it lose control.”Michael Shaw of Michigan State Police has a different take on the situation. “For some reason, personal responsibility goes out the window in the winter time when people drive and think they can still go as fast as they want and if their car happens to spin out or wreck and it couldn’t be their fault is a lot of their mindsets,” he said.The women who can be heard screaming in the video are in the back seat of the state police cruiser.They were involved in the initial crash, and then witnessed the second one.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: 


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