SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Because we like to keep things interesting, the KRON 4 News team has entered into a friendly little NBA Finals bet with our Nexstar sister station in Southern New England, WPRI 12, in the form of a “chowder challenge.”

After a disappointing start, our Golden State Warriors overcame their disappointing Game 1 collapse on Sunday to tie the series at 1-1. Now they head to Boston for Game 3 and under the terms of the challenge, when — sorry, we mean if — they go on to win the series — and the Championship — our friends at WPRI will send KRON some of that famous New England clam chowder.

But if the Dubs fall short and the Celtics manage to add a record 18th NBA title to their previous 17? We’ll be sending our friends in New England some delicious San Francisco-style chowder, complete with the trademark sourdough bread bowl to serve it in.

Also, the losing team’s anchors will be forced to wear hats from the winners, according to the conditions of the bet as laid out by WPRI anchors, Daniel North and Patrick Little and confirmed by KRON4 anchors, Grant Lodes and Vicki Liviakis.

Incidentally, our friend in New England, Daniel, claims to not have known San Francisco was even known for clam chowder. So we at KRON 4 look forward to her and Patrick getting a chance to try it when the Dubs bring their seventh NBA championship back to the Bay!

Bon appetite and Go Warriors!