CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) — California Highway Patrol is leading the investigation of a hit-and-run involving a six-year-old boy.

CHP investigators said there is evidence that the driver was aware their vehicle struck something in the road, but they did not stop. “We know that the child received severe injury. He’s in stable condition at the hospital, and is expected to survive,” said Officer Daniel Jacowitz, CHP.

The hit-and-run collision happened Tuesday at around 5:30 pm on Nunes Street near Castro Valley Boulevard. That is where a six-year-old boy was struck by a white SUV while crossing the street.

Officer Jacowitz took a look at surveillance video of the incident recorded by a business near the scene. “As he approaches this parked car here, the child is struck. Right in between these two vehicles here. The suspect vehicle continued on, not stopping at all. We don’t know what speed, but the vehicle did strike the child as he was traveling from the west to the east,” said Officer Jacowitz.

A man, who asked not to reveal his identity, was working nearby, heard the collision, and said he came out to look. “By the time I got out here the young man was laying on the ground and his mom was there with him, and one of the parents that’s here is a nurse. She was there with him, so I knew he was in good hands,” he said.

Investigators have a limited description of the hit-and-run vehicle. “A white sedan. We believe either a Ford or Nissan Murano,” said Officer Jacowitz.

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CHP is canvassing the area looking for additional surveillance videos. They are also asking for the community’s help to find the person responsible.

“In this case the driver pumping their brake lights is indicative that they may have felt a collision, and they may know what’s going on or what they did and continued to drive. That’s our main concern,” said Officer Jacowitz.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Castro Valley Highway Patrol office.