SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Fleet Week has officially wrapped up and on Monday, both Columbus and Indigenous People’s Day will be recognized across the country.

But on Sunday, the three events came together in an unexpected way.

Coit Tower is a popular spot for folks to watch the Blue Angels perform, but today, they were also met with the sight of a vandalized Christopher Columbus statue.

Those living off of Telegraph road said the Christopher Columbus statue has been vandalized before, but they’ve never seen it this bad.

They said protesters may have a point, but with so many visitors here this week, this doesn’t paint the city in the best of light.

“It’s disturbing,” one man said. “We can express our displeasure in other ways.”

Covered from head to toe in red paint — the Christopher Columbus statue outside Coit Tower drew some unwanted attention Sunday. 

Hundreds made their way to the top of the hill to see the Blue Angels grace the skies.

But upon arrival — couldn’t believe the view.

“It’s really, really great from up here, but unfortunately whoever decided to deface this statue — that’s just a terrible thing to do,” Steve Leiker said. 

“Weird juxtaposition,” a resident said. “And it’s crazy because we’re in this beautiful city, that would never have been possible were it not for our civilization and our country and our armed forces, so we’re surrounded by the beauty and grandeur of our civilization and yet there’s people that just openly hate it.”

The vandalism took place sometime overnight and originally included writing that read “kill all colonizers”.

By 3:30 p.m., a public works crew arrived to scrub and spray the paint off.

“I mean we all know he’s got blood on his hands,” Gina Williams. “And I see he’s got blood on his hands.”

Williams said her grandparents were part Apache, and though she understands the intention of whomever did it — she doesn’t think this is the way to send a message.

“This was unnecessary,” she said. “These are our tax dollars that have to clean this. You made the mess, do you realize it’s still coming out of your pocket? People don’t think. They just don’t think.”

There are surveillance videos on the property, but it’s unclear just how much of the vandalism was caught on video. 

San Francisco police say they are investigating.