FREMONT (KRON) — The Fremont City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve a new homeless navigation center located downtown behind City Hall.

A vote is still expected Tuesday night at a special city council meeting in Fremont where members are deciding the location of a navigation center for the city’s homeless population.

Council members were met with with opposition and public comment from hundreds of Fremont residents, some of whom were outside city hall chanting against the navigation center.

The meeting began Tuesday night with hundreds of speakers slated to address the council.

As of 9:20 p.m., there were still 100 speakers signed up to comment on the navigation center.

The city is considering two location for the navigation center, including a property on Decoto Road, near Regan Nursery and a parking lot located behind City Hall.

There are 178 homeless encampments in Fremont, the city said last month.

The navigation center would provide temporary housing and help the homeless transition into permanent housing.

The city hopes to open the center next year.

As of 9:40 p.m., the city council had not voted on the center’s location.