SAUSALITO, Calif. (BCN) — Sausalito will consider next week a $60 million project to put power lines underground at nearly 700 properties in the central part of the city.

The issue comes before the City Council Tuesday because PG&E plans to upgrade the electrical infrastructure that serves 698 Sausalito properties to a higher 12kV system. Five areas in central Sausalito, between Glen Drive and Marin Avenue, are part of the plan.

PG&E’s default upgrade would be to replace overhead lines and facilities, and Sausalito may have the option to put PG&E’s $8 million budget for the project towards placing the electrical infrastructure underground, but significant additional funds would be needed, most likely in the form of property tax assessments for parcel owners in the affected areas.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the City Council will receive a presentation from Public Works Director Kevin McGowan, who will ask the council to consider the following options:

Submit an application to PG&E for undergrounding all properties that are to receive the 12kV system upgrade;

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submit an application for one of the five areas to receive the 12kV system upgrade as a pilot project, with the intent to submit for the remaining areas in the future;

not submit an application for undergrounding at this time and pursue consensus with the property owners in the five areas who will eventually be responsible for funding the undergrounding effort.

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