SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco city officials will approve a final plan tomorrow to make Market Street car-less.

The city’s mult-agency plan is called “Better Market Street”, and it stretches from Steuart Street to Octavia Boulevard.

Walkers, bikers, commuters describe their experience on Market Street as busy, saying the street can get congested. 

Some say they’re on board with the city’s “Better Market Street” project, a plan that would eliminate private cars on market street from Steuart Street to Octavia Boulevard and make it more biker and pedestrian friendly.

“I think that would make it a lot harder to get around the city, but I think it would probably make it a lot safer for pedestrians,” said one person.

Others like Alex Bailey say it’ll make the drive for commuters worse.

Bailey’s from Canada and says Toronto did something similar to one of its busier streets.

“We have one similar in Toronto where only taxis go through. It’s great in theory but it only improved transit time by like five minutes per person because transit is overloaded and getting to work is not ideal,” Bailey said. “So it’s cool in theory. Just make it better than we did because we failed at it.”

San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney says the city’s transportation agency will give its final plan approval on Tuesday.

“We’re going to completely redesign Market Street so that public transportation can move through much quicker, that we have fully protected bike lanes, that the sidewalks are widened and we have a much more dynamic improved experience for pedestrians,” Haney said.

While cars won’t be allowed to drive down Market Street, drivers would still be allowed to cross over Market Street.

“Taking the private vehicles off and just having the buses and the trains and the taxis and walking and biking, it’ll be a much safer experience for everybody,” he said.