Cleanup efforts underway in Sonoma County after flooding


FORESTVILLE (KRON) — Even simple errands outside his house requires one Sonoma County resident to use a canoe in waters now covering his driveway.

“It’ll probably be another 24, 48 hours,” he said. “At least I slept last night, so that was good because of the adult beverages that helped me sleep. It’s a lot of mess.”

Brad lives on Trenton Road at Covey Road in Forestville.

At least one driver who ignored the road closure sign got stuck in flood waters.

Brad’s fence is partially destroyed and debris is scattered across the roadway.

“Structurally, we built the house with the siding so that it would withstand a flood,” he said. “So, we had the flood in 2005, and it wasn’t this bad. If you look at the water now, this probably just up right to the road and this time it was all the way.”

Fortunately, through the afternoon, the water continued to steadily recede, allowing Brad to start thinking about how he’s going to recover from all of this.

“Gotta go get the gloves and start picking stuff up — you don’t want to go get in this water — gasoline, chemicals,” he said.

Although he doesn’t have hot water — he still has electricity.



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