BERKELEY (KRON) —  Baby Amaro was ready for the world, but the world wasn’t quite ready for her arrival Thursday.

As her parents pulled up to the Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley a normal delivery turned into absolute mayhem.

“We pulled into the parking lot and that’s it the baby was coming,” said mom Kim Gooden.

A code stork was called out to the maternity ward.

“[That] is kind of an emergency broadcast overhead at the hospital let’s people know there’s a baby being born outside of labor and delivery,” said Cami Bushey, a labor and delivery assistant manager.

Fortunately for the couple, delivery nurse Theresa Pellow-McCauley, with 30 years of experience, heard the scream while passing by on her way into work.

“She called for gloves and delivered the baby and I’m just so thankful she was there,” Gooden said.

Dan Stone, the father, said a string of serendipitous moments led up to the event.

“There were several things that happened. We almost missed the turn that would get us in front of the hospital, in which case we would not have made it. If we hadn’t arrived right at that moment the nurse wouldn’t have been reporting to her shift,” Stone said.

This is the couple’s second child delivered at the same hospital. So this time they had it all planned out.

‘We had a bag packed. We had a birth plan. We though we were on top of it. And as always the plans just don’t work out as you think they will.”

Born to storytellers who are both writers,  their newborn has certainly given them unique material to work with.

“Yeah it’s a good sign. We have high expectations of her now.”