SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A group of community activists took to the streets Wednesday morning, upset that tenants are being evicted from a building that has been their home for fifteen years.

Many of the tenants given eviction notices are Filipino children, their parents and grandparents. Some of the seniors being evicted are disabled, and one is currently on dialysis.

The building in the 500 block of Natoma Street in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood was bought by Big Tree Properties Incorporated in March.

Soon after that, many of the tenants said they got verbal buyout offers from representatives of the new landlord. The families said that people came and took pictures inside each unit in the building, as well as interviewing some of the families.

After learning that tenants didn’t want to take part in the buy out offers, the tenants say that Big Tree Properties sued them, accusing them of poor housekeeping and of making alterations to the property, as well as various breaches of very minor technicalities within highly complex leases.

Community advocates say that these lawsuits are examples of “no-fault” or “low-fault” lawsuits, going to to say that this type of lawsuit is becoming commonplace within the city, especially in neighborhoods that are experiencing high eviction rates like SOMA, and the nearby Mission neighborhood.