SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Seeing homeless people on the streets is common for Bay Area residents.

One man in San Francisco is taking to Twitter to bring attention to his neighborhood in an effort to try and make it safer.

“The message seems to be get used to it. No action,” said South of Market resident, Adam Mesinck.

Mesinck has decided to take matters into his own hands when it comes to the issue of homelessness.

“I happen to think there needs to be some awareness brought to some of the challenges and Twitter seem to be the best avenue,” Mesnick says.

Mesnick started a Twitter account, @bettersoma, to help get the city’s attention.

On the streets of SOMA, he documents the things you’ll see on a day-to-day basis: tents, people passed out and people nodding out.

He mentions for the past five or six years now, the pictures and videos become more graphic as homelessness becomes a crisis in the neighborhood.

Mesnick has even stumbled into what turned into the sight of a fatal overdose at 7th and Mission Street.

“Some of it is so alarming and some of it is so graphic and it’s a sad feed. There’s no question about it,” Mesnick said.

He feels that drug abuse and mental illness are what’s driving this crisis.

“They don’t have homes but mainly they are out using drugs and buying drugs,” Mesnick explained. “It’s sad to watch people kind of deteriorate really. The drugs on the street are harder than they’ve ever been.”

When he encounters things like needles or feces, he’ll tweet to the mayor, his district supervisor and 311.

But, he’s not alone. There are several others documenting these gritty streets. Including Twitter account @FedupSF.

Mesnick is thankful that he has seen some change as a result of his tweets.

“The San Francisco Police Department has done an amazing job,” Mesnick said. “They’re arresting people by the hundreds out of the Tenderloin Department for drug use, or drug sales. But what you have now it’s scattered in pieces and you never know what you’re gonna see next.”

Despite his efforts, the problems still persist.

His intention is not to shame the people living in desperation, but to bring awareness and hopefully solutions that will make his streets a better place.