SANTA CLARA (KRON)– People of various faiths and religious beliefs joined hands and surrounded members of the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara on Sunday.

The message the group hoped to convey was one of solidarity.

“This beautiful bridge is especially for our President, Mr. trump, look at this bridge of diverse Americans who love each other. Maybe one day soon, you will learn from us,” said one participant.

More than 50-community organizations had come to show their support.

President Trump sparked controversy after he introduced his travel ban, which some argued was an attack on the Muslim population in the U.S.

“So although I may not have the same faith belief system, although I may not agree on everything with my Muslim brothers, I can’t have a country where they are marginalized,” said Pastor Kaloma Smith of A.M.E. Zion church.

Attendees were also invited inside the mosque for a prayer service.

Organizers hope the event led to greater understanding of the Muslim community.