Contra Costa County health officials recommend to stay indoors amid bad air


CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Bad air in Contra Costa County led the public health department to issue a recommendation for people to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary.

Doctors say short-term exposure likely won’t lead to permanent health problems, but if you have pre-existing breathing problems — the last place you should be is outside.

There’s nothing easy about herding cattle on a normal — clear and sunny day.

“We’re moving them up to the next property,” Bill Arnett said.

Arnett says the job is even worse when the air is heavy.

“It’s hard to breathe out here,” he said.

Arnett and his crew made their way up Mount Diablo State Park where from Jupiter Summit — elevated nearly three-thousand feet, typically picturesque views of the Bay Area — blanketed with smoke.

“I anticipate that this is going to trigger a fair amount of visits to the respiratory urgent care center,” Dr. Frank Shic said.

Contra Costa Health Services says air quality in all parts of the county has been measured at unhealthy levels as a result of smoke from the numerous fires burning throughout the state.

John Muir Health Urgent Care specialist, Dr. Frank Shic says stay indoors unless you have no choice but to go outside.

“You go outside for a walk or a run, which understandably is good for your health, but right now, you might be doing more harm to yourself then good,” Dr. Shic said.

And, remember, cloth face coverings are effective in helping stop the spread of COVID-19, but not from inhaling wildfire smoke.

“It’s very deceptive when you can see it high above and you don’t smell it directly. It can still affect you in ways that you don’t anticipate, especially if you’ve got some kind of underlying health condition, like asthma or severe allergies or even migraines,”Dr. Shic said. “That can be triggered by something as simple as the smoke we’re having right now.”

Golfers still hit the links and driving range at Buchanan Fields Golf Club in Concord.

Pete says he thought it’d be worse.

“You couldn’t really smell it. You didn’t really notice it in the air, just kind of almost feel it though,” Pete said. “Did you have to change your approach at all? No, I’m pretty bad pretty bad no matter which way I play.”

Probably best to wait until things clear up.

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