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Contra Costa County man shops, delivers groceries to neighbors to assist with crisis

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — “Thank you for sacrificing yourself and making all these trips for us.”

You might recognize him as a Bay Area journalist, but right now in east Contra Costa County, he’s known to some of his neighbors as a hero.

Over the past several weeks, Bob Butler has been waking up at the crack of dawn to grocery shop for those who are unable to get to the stores.

His selfless acts have not gone unnoticed and tonight, he’s featured as our KRON4 Hero.

“Compassionate, driven, loving.”

“He’s a hero, he’s an angel, he’s a savior.”

Bob Butler drops groceries off for neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic throughout Contra Costa County.

Waking up almost every day before Costco opens its doors to buy whatever items his neighbors say they need — items like toilet paper and eggs and chicken, hot grocery store items that are flying off the shelves.

These are just some of his posts on a neighborhood Facebook group, letting people know what’s available at the stores and asking what people are looking for.

“He is super humble and all he wants to do is help those who can’t get out,” Jackie Fetty said.

“Very humble for sure he really just feels like he’s doing what anybody else would do which clearly isn’t true,” Anissa Williams said. “There’s not everybody else doing it.”

Bob doesn’t even ask people to pick up the items he’s purchased. He drives all over the county to deliver them straight to your front door. All he asks is you pay the price he paid for your groceries.

Some days — he’s delivering to up to 25 families.

Children leave him notes and pictures to say thank you.

“I haven’t even met Bob face to face yet you know what I mean,” Fetty said. “He’s just so willing to help and I just felt like he deserve a little bit of a shoutout.”

More than 20 people wrote to KRON4 asking us to feature bob on our KRON Heroes segment.

A majority of those people have never even met him and are calling him a hero, so thankful for what he’s doing for his community.

“It’s either I do this or I sit in my recliner and watch bad TV and eat snacks all day,” Bob said. “This is much healthier. Plus, I like helping people.”

“Thank you, Bob! Thank you for making all of this possible for us,” Fetty said. “Thank you for sacrificing yourself and making all these trips for us!”

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