The company that owns Golden Gate Fields and Santa Anita Park has banned the use of a very common medication called “Lasix.” 

It’s a diuretic given to racehorses that also helps their lungs handle the intensity of a race. 

Since December, 26 22 horses have died at Santa Anita and five more at Golden Gate. 

KRON4’s Noelle Bellow spoke with trainers and jockeys who say Lasix isn’t the reason. 

They believe the track surface at Santa Anita needs to be changed. 

They say the move to ban the medication would do more harm than good for the entire Calfornia racing industry. 

Ellen Jackson has been a trainer for more than 30 years. She said banning the use of the medication is inhumane. 

“I wouldn’t ask my horse to race without Lasix,” she said.”We give a very small amount we give it way out from the race. The only thing it does is keep them from bleeding.”

Jackson said the most recent move by the Stronach Group which owns both Santa Anita and Golden Gate race tracks, is actually a distraction. 

She said they really need to fix the track surface. 

“The one they put in SoCal was made for the NorCal weather,” she said. “SoCal is hotter and instead of using a wax that was suitable for that temperature, they just threw the whole thing out and put dirt back in.”

All races at Golden Gate were canceled for the weekend, but races will resume next week. 

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