SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — One Bay Area county plans to take a different approach to getting the latest approved, younger-aged group vaccinated.

The Solano County health officers are hoping to avoid scared, crying children by not setting up mass clinics as they did for other approved groups.

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As COVID vaccines for those four and younger roll out in the county, they have another plan — which is for children to receive their vaccines from their primary doctor instead of going to a mass vaccination site.

“There are basically two reasons. One is that it’s actually very much more difficult to vaccinate children than it is for teenagers and adults. We don’t want to traumatize them with the vaccinations, so they become fearful of it. We want it to be in a comfortable welcoming environment,” said Dr. Bela Matyas, Solano County health officer. 

The second reason is that data shows many children did not go to their pediatrician during the pandemic. They are hoping to steer parents towards taking their child to be seen by their pediatrician.

“So really it is a door opener to make sure your child is as healthy as possible. We recommend children be seen by their caregivers on a regular basis so that we can make sure that they are reaching their developmental milestones, make sure they are properly vaccinated, that they are healthy,” said Matyas.

The doctor said places like Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health are already booking appointments and have extra shots just in case more is needed.

Solano County has seen low vaccination rates for those aged five to 11 years old across all demographics, including those in underserved communities. Dr. Matyas said they continue to do outreach and hope this different approach can encourage more families to feel more comfortable getting vaccinated to protect against COVID-19.