Couple moves to Oregon due to cost of living in Bay Area


An East Bay real estate company is capitalizing on Bay Area folks who are fed up with the sky-high cost of living. 

In many cases, they want a fresh start beyond the Bay and out of state.

About a year ago, Alan and Lauralee Ragsdale sold their Livermore home and horse ranch before retiring to Southern Oregon. 

Their new place is much bigger and less headaches they wanted to leave behind. 

“We needed a lot more green. We needed a lot slower pace — a lot less traffic,” Laurelee said. 

“Traffic was a big issue for us, um, property tax was a big issue for us. You know, that’s even though, we’re paying substantial, I’m paying a house down, we, you never get rid of property tax,” Alan said.

The Ragsdale’s planned their move for six years and San Ramon Real Estate Broker Scott Fuller, helped make it happen.

“Business is busy,” Fuller said.

Fuller has 18 years of experience in real estate.

Two years ago, he founded the agency ‘,’ taking advantage of a growing market of people wanting help selling their Bay Area homes and buy property out of the region or out-of-state.

“Over the last couple of years, I’d say we’ve helped 20 to 30 people, uh, move out of the Bay Area,” Fuller said.

He says locally, the Sacramento area has been a popular destination. 

Out of state, most people, he says, are looking at Washington, Nevada, Texas, and Oregon like the Ragsdales.

 “Cost of living, including housing, you know, can be a big frustration for people, but for a lot of people, they’ve built up a nest-egg in their home, and so they have a lot of equity that they’re looking to move into, you know, potentially somewhere else,” Fuller said.

“We ended up being able to take our California dollar and buy, really, our dream house in Oregon, and it’s been, um really a pleasant experience,” Alan said.

Fuller says his clients typically start to plan for their move one, two years ahead of time. 



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