Couple saves blind, deaf dog thrown in trash


DENVER (CNN NEWSOURCE) – An abused dog, left for dead, is getting a second chance thanks to a Denver couple.

The dog is deaf, blind and walks with a limp, and someone just dumped her in a trashcan.

She’s on the road to recovery thanks to two guardian angels.

“Any creature deserves life. They deserve a good life,” Ed Baker said. “I’ve just kind of fallen in love with her. I can’t help it.”

Thanks to her new parents, she’ll never be afraid again.

“Every animal deserves to live in peace and comfort,” Nick Hardgrove said.

Last Saturday, Ed Baker and his husband Nick Hardgrove saw a post on Nextdoor, about an injured Shih Tzu, dumped into a trash can near 28th and Lafayette.

“They said she was in the trash and covered in cobwebs and Ed immediately responded,” Hardgrove said.

Minutes later the couple brought the dog home.

“We brought her home, gave her a bath and gave her some food and water and kind of let her sniff around,” Hardgrove said.

Ed named the dog “Marge.”

He immediately posted pictures online asking if anyone knew where she came from. No one responded. 

Nick says Marge had obviously been through some trauma, but after a few days, she stopped shaking and started trusting her new family.

“It makes me feel happy. I’m just glad she has a good home,” Baker said.

The couple says Marge is about 10-years-old.

They quickly realized that she couldn’t see or hear, and was having trouble walking.

They’re not sure what happened to the pup, but they say nothing justifies what Marge has been through.

“If somebody did not want to go through the challenges of taking care of her, there are so many other options,” Hardgrove said. “A trashcan is not where you put a living creature.”

Ed and Nick say unless someone steps forward, they plan on keeping Marge.

They’ll do whatever it takes to make her feel safe and welcome.

“They take care of us in a lot of ways. And so there’s no reason we can’t reciprocate,” Hardgrove said.

The couple says Marge needs surgery and dental work.

They’ve started a GoFundMe page to help get the pup back in good health.

If you want to help, search for Marge, the abandoned blind Shih Tzu.

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