(KRON) – An Arkansas couple is pleading for help finding their 8-month-old chihuahua, Rylee, who was taken from their car during a smash and grab in San Francisco last month.

It happened at a public parking lot near Kearny and Bay Streets on Tuesday, May 24, but the couple still hasn’t received any information on who took Rylee or where she could be. Amanda Chapman and her wife Rebecca were visiting San Francisco to celebrate Amanda’s birthday last month when their trip took a drastic turn. On May 24 thieves broke into their van parked near Kearny and Bay streets and stole their 8-month-old chihuahua Rylee.

Amanda says they called police and immediately canceled all of their plans to spend the rest of their time in the city looking for Rylee. Since returning home to Arkansas life hasn’t been the same.

Chapman says Rylee is less than 5 pounds and she has 4 tan feet with a lighter patch of hair on her chest. She says the suspects also made off with some of their luggage and electronics, “They could’ve taken every single item that we had, every belonging that we had in that van and if we still had her, it would be perfectly fine with us. Honestly we just want her home safe. We don’t care about any of the other stuff. We are offering a cash reward for information leading to her return, no questions asked whatsoever.”

Since becoming a victim of a smash and grab, Rebecca says they quickly learned how common these sort of crimes are in the city, “Angering almost because there’s no information about it and then it happens to you and people go oh ya that’s a normal thing here. well then let people know that.” 

She hopes the city will warn future visitors to prevent more unsuspecting tourists from becoming victims. “San francisco is ‘The Purge’ in real life. It’s crazy. There should definitely be a warning label on the entire city.”

If you have any information about Rylee, please contact the San Francisco Police Department.