Couple survives third-degree burns in deadly Camp Fire


Many evacuees who survived the deadly Camp Fire were badly injured, some with burns covering half of their bodies. 

KRON4’s Justine Waldman visited the Regional Burn Center at UC Davis where she spoke with survivors who barely made it out.

Paul and Suzie Ernest managed to escape but now the couple has third-degree burns all over their bodies.

Paul used his body to protect Suzie as the flames spread over them. The victims told Justine, that their pants and shoes melted off as they got out. 

There are 12 Camp Fire victims being treated at Shriners Hospital and UC Davis’s burn center in Sacramento, considered the top burn unit in the country. 

Doctor David Greenhalgh, head of the burn center, said most Camp Fire patients had 20% to 50% of their bodies burned, with most injuries to their faces and hands.

“Either they got out or they didn’t get out, unfortunately,” Greenhalgh said. ” So people with the big burns didn’t get here in time so unfortunately, they passed away.” 

The oldest patient is 103 years old and so far, no children have arrived, in part, because Paradise is a popular retirement community. 

For the first time ever, a few adults were treated in a pediatric unit. 

The last major burn disaster was in 2017 during the North Bay fires. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family.



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