SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office had said they fiercely advocated for keeping a homeless man behind bars for an attack earlier this month outside a condominium complex, but now new court documents show that was not the case.

When Austin Vincent was initially released last week by a judge pending his next hearing, those who saw the video of the attack were outraged and on numerous occasions, the district attorney’s office was quick to point out they argued against the man’s release.

The district attorney’s spokesman tweeted that prosecutors expressed concerns about his release and even the DA himself tweeting they advocated to detain Vincent.

A transcript of that initial arraignment obtained by KRON 4 indicates while against Vincent’s release, the district attorney’s office didn’t put up a fight.

In fact, there is no advocacy.

The only thing the prosecutor says is there is enough evidence to show he’s a public safety risk, which says Vincent shouldn’t be released, but the prosecutor never uses those words. 

In fact when the judge asks the prosecutor if she’s missing anything, the prosecutor makes no mention of the video and seems unfamiliar with the police report.

“The terror of this incident is clearly  not communicated to the judge having reviewed the transcript,” says Suzy Loftus, candidate for San Francisco District Attorney. 

Loftus is the former president of the San Francisco Police Commission, a former prosecutor and is currently running for district attorney.

“The DA’s Office doesn’t even use the words ‘I object to the release’ and that is really troubling because the prosecutor is the person in court whose job it is to do justice,” she said. “And we should have questions about why justice wasn’t done here.”

Now following the filing of additional charges in a second case, the judge has decided not to release Vincent. 

He remains in the county jail pending his next court hearing on Sept. 3.