Creepy clowns threaten Bay Area schools on social media


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Multiple schools in the Bay Area have been the targets of threats from “creepy clown” social media accounts this week.

These threats are just the latest of many clown-related incidents nationwide. Creepy clown sighting, encounters and threats have been widespread across the nation in the last month.

The schools that have seen threats in the Bay Area include Fairfield, Oakland and Antioch.

Authorities are investigating the threats seriously but so far they say that these are not credible threats.

While some believe the “clown epidemic” is just a big hoax that internet pranksters and trolls are taking advantage of, others say the threats have them worried.

Parents say they’re nervous and their kids are terrified.

Fairfield schools are stepping up patrols on campus as a precaution and to ease the worries of concerned parents.

Schools and police around the country are now faced with the challenge of putting an end to the spike of creepy clown threats.

There have also been reports from around the nation of clowns trying to lure children into the woods and chasing people.

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