(KRON) — The Warriors parade brought hundreds of thousands of people into the city on Monday, but that is only the start of massive celebrations this week. San Francisco Pride Celebration is expected to draw up to a million people into the city over the two days of celebrations.

This is potentially the most visitors the city has seen since 2019. With the influx of people, San Francisco is expected to see a big boost to its businesses.

The city of San Francisco was overflowing with visitors, excitement, and energy during the Warriors parade like it once was before the pandemic.

“The city felt back. Market street was alive, Union Square was alive, downtown after the parade. Streets like Polk Street and North Beach just flushed with people having a great time enjoying themselves. And by the hundreds of thousands of people I saw, they were making a day of it,” said Rodney Fong, with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

As Fong explains, the parade brought a big boost to businesses that we haven’t seen for some time. He said it foreshadows what’s to come this weekend.

“We have to remember that San Francisco is a celebratory city. People come into San Francisco from the greater Bay Area, northern California because we do these cool things. Because these cool things happen whether they’re running Bay to Breakers or Pride which is coming up this weekend so we’re excited to have it. We know all of the businesses, the hospitality businesses, the hotels, people coming into town. This is all great for San Francisco,” said Fong.

After a two-year hiatus, in-person Pride celebrations will also return on Saturday and Sunday, which is expected to draw at least half a million people. Businesses in the Castro District said they’re already seeing the impact.

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“We’ve already seen an uptick in business from the start of the week. More people coming in. Definitely a lot more tourists coming in for pride, a lot of people from Canada, a lot of people from Europe so I think it’s just going to get better and better,” said Frederick Anderson, a longtime bartender.

Anderson has been a bartender at 440 for 19 years. He said the last few years have been some of the toughest, but he’s hopeful for what’s to come this weekend and thereafter.

“Packed. I’m expecting to see the bars packed with people having a good time and being proud. I think all of that will be really good for the city and bring a lot of business into the city,” said Anderson.

San Francisco Pride celebrations and marches kick off on Saturday morning. The parade begins on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.