Customers feel distrust with PG&E following power shut offs


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON ) – After a day filled with backpedaling by PG&E- Executive Director of the Utility Reform Network, Mark Toney says customers have every right to feel distrust with the company.

“it’s completely unacceptable. we have to get to the point where PG&E is held accountable,” says Toney.

Toney explains how it’s getting to the point of having these widespread outages outages is a result of years of negligence and customers need to fight until they start seeing progress.

Toney went on to say, “They’ve squandered billions that they were supposed to spend on trimming the trees, on upgrading the electrical system and now we’re left in a bind.”

“The pattern we’re in now, we’re going to keep seeing going forward,” says UC Berkeley lecturer Steven Weissman.

Weissman used to be a policy advisor for the California Public Utilities Commission.

“The worst thing to do right now would be to shame PG&E into under-shutting down. If the equipment can’t work correctly, you wouldn’t want it operating,” explains Weissman.

He went on to say that customers need to adjust their behavior and expectations accordingly when it comes to fire season and know that at this point, there’s simply no quick fix for what we’re facing.

“I’m not suggesting we be happy enough to settle for less than high level of reliability, but this is the hand we’ve been dealt and the question is how do we wanna accommodate our safety,” Weissman said.

The Utility Reform Network is urging customers to file damage claims for losses with PG&E.

However, Weissman says he’s not sure a large number of claims being filed will make a difference in how quickly PG&E decides to make the necessary improvements to avoid these types of shut offs.

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