SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — A smash and grab in San Francisco was caught on a neighbor’s dash cam.

It happened on Wednesday at the parking area near the world famous crooked street.

While this has been an ongoing issue for tourists and people living near Lombard Street, San Francisco police say thefts from vehicles are down this year.

The thieves double parked next to the victim’s car. One of them hauling things in and out of the broken window.

Video shot on Dennis Saenz’s dash cam. He relentlessly honked his car horn to stop the thieves but they were unphased.

“Last second I saw these guys breaking into the cars. They smashed the window. They started to grab the belongings from the tourists,” Saenz said. “I tried to stop them. I was honking nonstop, tried to force them to stop but that didn’t happen.”

It all happened right next to the famous crooked Lombard Street.

Saenz says the victims were two tourists from Florida who had all of their belongings taken.

“They mentioned their purses, their wallets, money and a couple cell phones,” he said.

While Lombard Street’s a known hot spot for tourists, and consequently for thieves, car break-ins are actually down this year.

According to their latest reports, San Francisco police say theft from a vehicle is down 38% from last year — comparing the months of January through August.

Police attribute this to the pandemic, shelter in place orders and prohibitions against non-essential business and non-essential travel.

Saenz, who lives and works near Lombard Street agrees, but says crooks have now moved on to new tactics.

“My experience here you know windows being smashed it has decreased right now,” Saenz said. “Has decreased but the new problem we have right now is probably with the garage break ins.”

Something KRON4 News reported on last month as burglaries in the city are up 43% compared to last year.

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