MARIN COUNTY (KRON) – The Marin Water District is ending its local water shortage emergency, which had been imposed last year because of low water supplies.

Officials say the supply levels have greatly improved this year because of the rain in October and December.

Marin water reservoirs are at 90% of total storage capacity. Because of that, the board voted this week to rescind several rules that have been in effect for the past year.

Their vote ends restrictions on customers washing their cars at home, irrigating golf courses and filling swimming pools.  

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Even though water supplies have been replenished, the board is making some water conservation rules permanent.

For example, the board is allowing sprinkler use up to two days per week. Drip irrigation is allowed up to three days a week, and swimming pools must have covers to reduce evaporation. 

The board’s president says Marin has moved past the local water shortage emergency, but California is still in a drought and customers can not let their guard down, so people are being asked to use their water wisely.